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 What is the Adoption Agency all about?

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What is the Adoption Agency all about? Empty
PostSubject: What is the Adoption Agency all about?   What is the Adoption Agency all about? EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 2:39 pm

The Adoption Agency is a one of a kind system belonging to Triple BABV. Over the years, many users have grew tired of their old BABV accounts. Here, you can leave your account here and get a reward in return. Please do not just make a new account and leave it here to get the reward. The account must have at least 200 bearbills, more than 5 articles of clothing, and 3 friends. If the account is suspected as new, your account will be terminated. ( I'll be back geek )
Please do not just leave your username and passwords on this post. For safety reasons, send them to a trusted ADMIN. For those of you looking for a free account, you are welcome to ask any Administrator, and they will be happy to give you one. Each account you give will be rewarded with 30 BCs.

Each abortioned account will be equipped with...
3,000 bearbills
2 outfits,
2 shirts
2 pairs of pants/skirts
1 pair of shoes
1 accesory of your choice.

Accesories to choose from are,
silly glasses
silly hat
sun glasses
eye glasses
black hat everyone is wearing
or flag

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What is the Adoption Agency all about?
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