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 BHF? What is THAT?

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BHF? What is THAT? Empty
PostSubject: BHF? What is THAT?   BHF? What is THAT? EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 12:53 pm

BHF stands for Beary Helpful Friend. BHF's are one rank lower than Admins and Mods on the site. They get monthly, weekly and Daily gifts. To become a BHF, first, you have to register for the site, than, you must be reconized by an admin as a very helpful person. This means you have to recomend ideas to help the site, run competitions, and be willing to answer questions. BHF titles are given out at the end of each month. Every month, we pick out two BHF's. Then, the next month, we pick out two more. If you were a BHF the previous month, you are eligibal to participate again. The weekly prizes for BHF's includes
Outfitters clothing
up to 7,000 bearbills
up to 10,000 bearbills worth of prizes!

Again, this website is a non-scamming site. Prizes will be awarded to yur accont without having to give out your password. Although, it is your choice whether or not to give your password to a administrator. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANOTHER MEMBER OTHER THAN THOSE WHO ARE TRUSTED. Evil or Very Mad afro lol! lol!

~ Admin
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BHF? What is THAT? Empty
PostSubject: Re: BHF? What is THAT?   BHF? What is THAT? EmptySun Jan 16, 2011 9:02 am

Wow!I will definitely try to be a BHF! sunny
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BHF? What is THAT?
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