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PostSubject: Competition Info   Competition Info EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 1:23 pm

Exclamation Competitions on Triple BABV are 100% real. If you happen to win a competition, you reward will be given to you 1 -2 weeks prior to the time that you won. If you win an Admin Made competition, you can choose how you want to recieve your prize.

1. Meet and Greet- this means setting up a time and a place on BABV, and trading the rewards.
2.Hand it Over- Email your user and pass to an ADMINISTRATOR and the administrator will give you your rewards personally. Please note that although this option is preferred, Triple BABV is very serious about hacking. If hacking is reported, that person will be immediately banned from Triple BABV. tongue Evil or Very Mad

If you win a User made competition, you are recomended to use Meet and Greet to recieve your prize, although it is your choice to use Hand it over or not.

If you make a competition, First you have to give your idea to an admin. That means posting it under QUESTIONS. When your competition is approved, you can post it under USer-Made competitions. The prizes can't be fake. IF you don't reward the winner within 30 days, y0ur account will be terminated, and the person who you lied to will recieve a " Sorry" gift from all the ADMINS AND MODS.

Good Luck!

Admin lol! lol! lol!
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Competition Info
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